Bots Are Ruining Your Analytics Data

Filter bots out of your analytics with our self-service platform

Our research shows that bots make up a large share of the traffic you use to make decisions –up to 70% from some sources! Bot Badger gets that bot data out of Google Analytics and the other systems you use to make critical decisions for your marketing.

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The Problem

Bots are clogging your Google Analytics data, making it unreliable. Our research shows bots make up a large chunk of traffic – up to 70% from some sources! This makes your analytics effectively useless for decision making.

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Why It Matters

With so many bots mixed in, you can’t accurately compare traffic sources or content performance. Sources with lower engagement could just have more bots. Content with lower conversions may convert beautifully – for humans. Your A/B tests are likely inconclusive from bot noise.

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Our Solution

Bot Badger blocks bots before they hit your analytics, so you get clean data again. No more bot traffic polluting your reports. No more wasted ad spend retargeting bots. No more bot-skewed A/B tests. Just clean, actionable analytics to optimize your marketing.

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More Than Google Analytics

Since Bot Badger prevents all of Google Tag Manager loading when bots visit your site, you’ll clean up several systems at once. Here are some of the benefits of implementing Bot Badger on your website:

  • Accurately compare traffic sources based on both quantity and quality of traffic produced so you can confidently allocate resources
  • Get rid of the noise produced by bots when comparing content performance and know which content drives engagement so you can improve or replicate it
  • Avoid false conversions from bots in your ad platforms, improving algorithmic optimization and insights
  • Exclude bots from your A/B tests, making many more tests conclusive
  • Eliminate bots from screen recordings, increasing insights into usage patterns
  • Stop paying for visitor identification for bot traffic
  • Get bot data out of your marketing automation platforms