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30 November 2023

How to Explain the Drop in Website Traffic After Bot Badger

Learn how to explain the beneficial drop in traffic due to Bot Badger: It's not losing valuable visitors, but filtering out fake bot traffic for more accurate data.

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01 November 2023

The Bot Traffic Deception: How Bots Sabotage Your Web Analytics and Decision-Making

Discover the hidden impact of bot traffic on Google Analytics and how it distorts data-driven marketing decisions, with insights and solutions.

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10 November 2023

Decoding Bot Traffic: Understanding, Identifying, and Addressing Bots in Your Analytics

Explore how bots impact analytics in our blog post on identifying and managing bot traffic, and ensuring accurate marketing strategies.

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24 November 2023

Navigating the Bot-Infested Waters: Elevate Your A/B Tests for Strategic Success

Discover how bots skew A/B test results in digital marketing and learn strategies to exclude them for more accurate, effective marketing decisions.

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18 November 2023

How to Keep Your Analytics Clean: Removing Unwanted Bot Traffic

Discover how to filter bot traffic from your analytics for accurate data insights. Explore methods from robots.txt to AI tools in our comprehensive guide.

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