Core Benefits of Bot Badger

Using Bot Badger to filter out bots from Google Analytics and other intelligence platforms offers significant benefits.

Optimize Your Resource Allocation

Traffic sources vary greatly in the mix of bots and humans, making it impossible to compare them accurately in analytics platforms. Bot Badger solves this by ensuring that the traffic volumes from both paid and organic sources aren’t artificially inflated by bots. Moreover, bots typically don’t interact with content, skewing engagement and conversion metrics. By filtering them out, Bot Badger allows for a true comparison of traffic quality, helping you focus your efforts on the most effective channels. Cut the fat and double-down on the media that works and watch your results soar!

Optimizing resources with bot badger
Bot Bdger helps identify your best content

Accurately Identify Your Best Content

Different pages and posts on your site attract varying levels of bot traffic, which can distort your analysis. Whether you’re evaluating content’s ability to attract, engage, or convert traffic, Bot Badger removes the bot traffic, ensuring your assessments are accurate.

Better Visitor ID at a Lower Cost

Bot Badger enhances the effectiveness and reduces the costs of visitor identification tools like Visual Visitor, LeadFeeder, and Lead Forensics. It filters out bot traffic, preventing misidentification and keeping irrelevant data out of your lead generation process. 

Bot Badger helps to identify website visitors at a lower cost
Conclusive A/B Tests with Bot Badger

Conclusive A/B tests

When bots are included in your A/B tests, they don’t act any differently for version A than they do version B. This waters down the results, causing most A/B tests to never hit statistical significance. Bot Badger keeps the bots out of the tests and your results statistically conclusive. 

Useful Session Recordings and Heatmaps

Confusing heatmaps and session recordings are often the result of significant bot traffic. Bot Badger filters out these non-human interactions, making your analysis tools much more effective. With Bot Badger, you can actually get the insights these tools promise! 

More effective screen recordings and heatmaps with Bot Badger
Automated Bot Management

Hands-Off Bot Management

With Bot Badger on the case, bot interference is no longer your problem. We are constantly updating our algorithms to improve bot detection and keep your data clean. 

Gain Confidence in Your Data and Yourself

When you can’t explain the data or struggle to produce insights, it wears at your confidence in yourself and others’ confidence in you. Bot Badger helps you produce the insights you need to make confident data-driven decisions – and see the results of your changes! 

Bot Badger gives you confidence in your marketing data