Enhancing Your Analytics: Smart Bot Management

with Precision Control

Bot Badger does more than simply block bots from your Google Analytics. Because it works with Google Tag Manager, you can control what services run for bots, for humans or both, depending on the mode of operation.

Bot Badger: Hide GTM Mode

Hide GTM Mode

In Hide GTM Mode, Bot Badger prevents Google Tag Manager from running on your site if a bot is detected. The bot can still access your site (important for good bots) but they don’t show up in Google Analytics or any other analytics or intelligence software running through Google Tag Manager.

Send Info Mode

In Send Info Mode, Google Tag Manager always runs, but Bot Badger lets it know whether the current visitor is a bot by passing a variable through the dataLayer (a sort-of pipe used to push information from your website into Google Tag Manager). Once Google Tag Manager knows if the visitor is a bot or not, it can use that information to selectively run or not run services (tags), or share the information with Google Analytics or other platforms.

Bot Badger: Send Info Mode
Bot Badger: Load Alternate Mode

Load Alternate Mode

In Load Alternate Mode, Bot Badger serves one Google Tag Manager container (list of services and scripts) for bots and another container for humans. This can be useful if you have one or more services or scripts you need bots to be able to see on your site.

Simple Data Visualizations

View simple visualizations of how many bots have been blocked and how many human visitors let through.

Bot Badger Data Visualization